Prenatal Yoga – 4 class series in studio & livestream

Sundays 4:00-5:00pm September 5-26 & October 10-31
People during any stage of pregnancy will benefit immensely from this 4 class series. Prenatal yoga eases the discomforts of pregnancy and allows you to embrace your changing body. A great way to prepare for childbirth and connect with other families.

Amy Robinson is the owner of 3 OMS Yoga, as well as an experienced doula. She is gifted at supporting people through healing and transformation, and you will leave class feeling relaxed, more open, stronger, and clear.

$45 // 4 classes

IN STUDIO – September 5-26  LIVESTREAM – September 5-26  

IN STUDIO – October 10-31 LIVESTREAM- October 10-26  

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