Meet Lakshmi and Celebrate Earth Day with Irena

Om Shri Lakshmi Namaha!

Greetings yogis and yoginis! I will be offering the second installment of “Advance your Practice” on April 20th. As this is Earth day, we will be focusing on the Goddess of Abundance, Lakshmi. According to Natalie Rousseau, the Hindu deity Lakshmi “invites us to fully embody our earthly existence and to enrich our lives with gratitude and pleasure, generosity and abundance.”

Many students have inquired about this workshop, so I wanted to give a brief description of the what and the why. The idea behind this workshop is to offer a longer practice so that you can really immerse yourself in your practice, allowing extra time for: pranayama or breath work both at the beginning and at the end of practice, an extended savasana or rest pose, and meditation. Our practice of the month centers around the Lotus pose. The practice will offer variations and/or alternatives to this pose for those of us with sensitive knees and tight hips.

You can register here for this workshop, or in person the next time you are in the studio. I hope you can join me for an exploration of our earthly sensations as we bloom into spring!

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