Inner beauty shop

The Inner Beauty Shop is an interactive workshop for girls or women (any teenager who identifies as female), ages 12 – 18, that allows participants an opportunity to find the beauty within themselves and those around them. Each beauty shop is a transformative experience that includes several interactive and embodied activities, including yoga. The outcome of the Inner Beauty Shop is that participants are able to recognize their own impact on the collective and internal conversation about beauty, love-ability, and worth. Participants will leave knowing that who they are is what matters and that their external appearance is not what makes them worthy of love.

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Minta Allred’s teachings include a vast anatomical understanding of the body, as well as inspirational readings or yogic lifestyle concepts that bridge the practice on the mat with everyday life. She is passionate about her work with the Embody Love Movement, which guides girls and women on a transformational journey towards self-acceptance.


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