Teen Embody Love workshop

Friday May 22nd, 4:30-7:30pm

Teen Embody love workshop is open to teen girls and those who identify as female aged 12-18yrs. This workshop will take you on a journey toward radical self love, self-acceptance and uncovering your true potential. We are aiming to set new intentions about how we feel, think, and speak to ourselves and others.

During this transformative three hour, interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the dominant narrative around beauty—including the ways you’ve internalized those messages— and the opportunity to begin to dismantle these harmful messages that tell us that we aren’t enough just as we are. You’ll also have the opportunity to begin to embrace beauty on your own terms and, as part of that process, create a new way of uplifting yourself and others. The ultimate goal is to free up energy to better serve our world and our communities, by getting out of your own way and stepping into your own power. We invite you to shift the value of your worth from the external towards the internal. Our hope is that as you begin to peel back layers of societal messaging you can begin to hear your own voice speaking your truth and guiding you forward with purpose.

*Some gentle movement is guided throughout, no yoga background required.
*Nobody turned away for lack of funds, inquire about scholarship options.

Learn more at Embody Love Movement.

Beth Rusk uses her teacher training, her anatomy knowledge as a massage therapist, and her many years of varied styles of yoga experience to guide you along your own yogic path. Show up to her class ready to breath, connect, flow and discover.


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