Hip opening

Offered via Zoom | Saturday February 27, 12:00-2:00pm
Relax, rejuvenate, open, and connect with this therapeutic hip opening workshop. Deepen and enrich your practice by exploring the complexity of your hips. Through asana, pranayama and meditation we will attend to the pelvis and hips and the hidden gifts therein. You may find relief for back pain, improved circulation in your legs, and even improve the way you run and walk. This practice can also release stress and negative emotional memories, which may be stored in your hips on an energetic level (Svadisthana and Muladhara Chakras).

Cat Enright has completed over 800 hours of training, and is a Certified Yoga Therapist. She is deeply committed to yoga as a holistic path to freedom and joy. Her intention in teaching is to help students to see themselves authentically, with compassion and patience.

$35 // $30 members

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