Heart of intention workshop

Sunday January 7, 1:00-4:00pm

Discern what your intention is for this New Year and receive support as you embody it. Learn to co-create with greater mastery and ease. In every moment we are holding an intention. Sometimes our intention is aligned with the Mystery, sometimes not; often it is a little of both. In this workshop we will practice meditation and slow-flowing, quieting yoga to explore the ways we embody intention. Please bring a journal or paper to express your intentions.

*Please be sure to register in advance,  there are only a few spots left!

Amy Robinson is the owner of 3 OMS Yoga, and is gifted at supporting people through healing and transformation. You will leave class feeling relaxed, more open, stronger, and clear.

Elizabeth Ruff has a rich background of training which influences her depth of knowledge of alignment, energy cultivation, Tantric philosophy and Ayurvedic wisdom. She effortlessly weaves her classes with playful light and a sense of adventure.


Early bird $35 (before 12/31)

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