Mobilize and Nourish: Hip Opening

Friday January 14, 2022 5:00-7:00pm

“The pelvis is not only at the center of our body, not only the site of many important physiological functions, not only the cradle of new life, but is also the crossroads of the upper and lower body. the pelvis is the true site where our locomotion begins.” — Judith Hanson Lasater

Did you know we’re diverse at the level of our bones and joints? Developing an awareness around this can serve as a guide to each of us as we balance the alignment cues our yoga teachers offer and what feels right in our own bodies. This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore how your pelvis uniquely moves you. In the first half of this workshop, we’ll move through a dynamic asana practice to strengthen and mobilize structures of the hips. In the second half of this workshop, we’ll turn to the stilling practice of yin yoga, releasing tensions held in the hips and nourishing their connective tissue layers.

Liza Higbee-Robinson has an energizing and empowering style of teaching that instills a sense of curiosity, play, and spaciousness. Her teaching reflects an interest in a functional, stabilizing approach to yoga asana; and her deep reverence for yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition with origins in southeast Asia.

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