Heart Essence Meditation

Saturday December 21, 1:00-3:30

A mesmerizing teaching of Yoga is coming to light: Candle Flame Meditation on Winter Solstice. Through a powerful, simple method of concentration and communication, you will open a gateway to access your fourth Chakra, the unconditional heart, the center of your whole being.

Connecting with this essence, you will learn how to:
– Fall in love with yourself and life once more and feel your sweetness every day
– Let go of the many distractions that keep you away from walking the path you
most cherish
– Experience radical change and maintain your desired reality
– Accept and embrace the fluctuations in your life’s journey
– Ask and receive dimensional assistance
– Live free of seasonal depression and do away with anxiety
– Bring 2019 into closure and begin the New Year with total clarity and sincerity

If your soul stirs while reading these words, Tratakam Meditation is definitely for you!

Michal Retter has a passion for creating a non competitive and open space for self-discovery and self-love of our multi faceted nature – mind, body and soul.


Early bird $40 (one week in advance)

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