IN PERSON Healing the Divide

IN PERSON at the studio | Saturday May 1, 12:00-3:00pm

Restoring trust, reconciliation, forgiveness and making amends are all profound and impactful aspirations on the path. However, they cannot be done honestly before you are ready in body, mind and spirit. Yoga can help you take the next step, starting with finding out where you are right now.

Often we berate ourselves on not doing more or not doing better, but how can we expect courage if we are traumatized? How can we show mercy if we are in fear? We are often unaware of what the real blocks even are. Yoga can guide us to self-discovery, to enough compassion to look at the wounds that need healing or the rage that needs direction. We can use yoga to bring us to our center and find the emotional resiliency to take care of ourselves.

Workshop includes: 

Yoga Asana to find the specific poses and positions that tend to pain and trauma, to help to clear the mind, and to release tension from the body

Pranayama for anxiety, PTS and PTSD

Meditation to stay centered in one’s own awakened heart

Viveka practice for discernment from the body– how to find when you need time to heal and when to invite space for reconciliation

Michal Retter has a passion for creating a non competitive and open space for self-discovery and self-love of our multi faceted nature – mind, body and soul.

$45 // $40 members

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