Finding your yoga practice

by Katie Cassidy

I have had the great pleasure of managing the studio for over 5 years, and have been a student here since 2009. It is a joy to witness and hold space for all of the students who pass through our doors each day and to watch their commitment to yoga grow and deepen. Everyday I have the chance to talk with people who are new to yoga and have questions about how to get started. For those of you who are regular students, I’m sure you hear similar things from people in your life and this may provide a few answers for you to share with them. Here are some of the common questions and concerns that I have heard over the years and the answers that I share.

Nearly everyday I have a conversation with someone who says they are too old/out of shape/overweight/not flexible enough to be ‘good’ at yoga. Our first core value here at 3 OMS is that we are a welcoming and inclusive community, and strive to embody and uphold this value. We welcome everyone who is interested in learning, sharing, and growing their practice in an inclusive and respectful way.

Our schedule provides several options for folks new to yoga and who are looking to get started with their practice:

  • Beginners Course is offered each month (we take a break in December and the summer months) 8 classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:15-8:30pm. This series is a great starting place to become familiar with the common poses, and students feel empowered and ready to attend any class at 3 OMS
  • Private sessions are a great option if someone is working with an injury or other limiting factor. Working one on one with a teacher can provide options for modifying poses and identifying classes that will be most helpful in healing
  • I will usually recommend coming to one of the slower paced classes to get started, but we really do welcome new students to any and all of our classes
  • It’s ok to be confused, look around, modify, take a break and just breathe
  • The New Student special $20 (for a week of unlimited class) provides the opportunity to try out a variety of classes and teachers to see what works best

The main point I try to convey to new students is that yoga is a very personal practice, even when we are in a group class. Listening to the body and connecting to breath is the key to finding the right practice for each of us. If you have someone in your life that is interested in trying yoga, offer to join them for their first class (also – members get a free guest pass each quarter!). AND a big thank you to all of our students who have encouraged family and friends to practice with us here at 3 OMS over the last 10 years. We really appreciate you sharing your love of yoga and helping to connect more folks to the 3 OMS community.

“Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.”
–John O’Donohue

Katie Cassidy is 3 OMS’ Studio Manager. She is the steady presence that keeps everything running smoothly day to day, and you can find her behind the desk ready to help Mondays through Thursdays.

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