Fall Practices

By Amy Robinson

FALL is the forbidden four letter “F” word in our household because I am a summer lover. I feel the most alive, the most me. I love the bright, long days filled with adventure, swims, peaches, and the spontaneous lack of schedule.

From age 8-22, I was either a camper or staff at summer camp and it was the highlight of my year. Selfishly, I never sent my daughters (now 18 & 21) to camp because I wanted to be their camp counselor all summer long. And when back to school season arrived, I grieved them going.

Do we call it fall because it’s when the leaves fall? For me, it’s when I start to feel myself fall, down from the high of summer. Sometimes it’s a sweet grounded landing, other times I feel myself falling deeper towards lethargy and despair.

Here are come centering fall preparedness practices that help me and may feel supportive to you (even if you’re a sweater weather lover):

1) SAVOR the last few days/weeks of lingering light and warmth that we often receive in the PNW. Do what brings you joy- run, boat, hike, swim, bike, lounge with a book, plan one last camping trip. Soak up as much as you can to charge your battery for the dark months ahead.
2) REFLECT with quiet moments, journal, or share with friends or family what the highlights of this past season were and what you are looking forward to.
3) RITUAL– create an authentic, simple way to acknowledge the turning of the season. I like to gather with a small circle of people around a bonfire and enjoy a meal together from the abundance of our gardens.
4) RHYTHM—Listen to what your body and soul need -tuned into the rhythm of the season- and craft your seasonal schedule from there. Sit with your calendar/planner and schedule in work, exercise, self-care, meals, and even fun & open space. Try to be realistic so it feels like an organic rhythm instead of a rigid schedule. Stick with it unless/until your body/soul tells you it needs something different and don’t get down on yourself if you miss something. Each day is a fresh new start.

I used to think having a planned schedule was constricting but I have found it can be liberating and helps to keep me in the moment. And when Life throws in a curve ball, I adjust accordingly.

Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson is the owner of 3 OMS Yoga, and has been teaching yoga and building community in Bellingham for almost 20 years. She is passionate about sustainable living and business practices, and is also on the board of Sustainable Connections. Click here to learn more about Amy and see her teaching schedule.

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