Embody love workshop

Friday May 8, 5:30-8:30pm
This workshop is designed to help anyone who identifies as a woman to embrace radical self-love and self-acceptance and reclaim beauty.
Embody Love Movement, originally founded by Dr. Melody Moore, has recently been through a necessary curriculum update.  What stays the same are the ways this work is helping us learn ways to stop contributing to a culture of oppression of women’s bodies and worth.
As a facilitator and trainer for the nonprofit, Minta guides you through this workshop.  Anyone 18+ who self-identifies as woman is welcome to attend. During this transformative three hour, interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the dominant narrative around beauty—including the ways you’ve internalized those messages— and the opportunity to begin to dismantle these harmful messages that tell us that we aren’t enough just as we are. You’ll also have the opportunity to begin to embrace beauty on your terms and, as part of that process, move toward radical self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Some gentle movement is guided throughout, no yoga background required
  • Nobody is turned away for lack of funds. If you are a returning participant you can come for half off; if you return and bring a friend you come for free. Send inquiries to mintaallred@gmail.com
  • Accessibility — Workshop is located at 3 Oms Yoga. Front door entrance has a tall flight of stairs, with two landings (6 stairs to first landing, 6 stairs to second landing, and 13 final stairs to studio). Elevator access is available upon request (entry is through back of building, please call front desk (360) 671-3510 so they can assist).  3 Oms is not a scent free environment, but we strive to keep it low-scent. Drinking fountain and water bottle refill with filtered water is offered at studio. Restrooms, showers and changing rooms available.

Minta Allred’s highest priority as a yoga teacher and mentor is the work she does with the nonprofit, Embody Love Movement, inspiring self-identifying girls and women to find inner peace and outer purpose through self-acceptance . She spends the majority of her time as a new mother, studying yoga and raising awareness through supporting the Embody Love Movement. Through facilitating workshops and trainings, she continues to pioneer the Embody Love Movement in the Pacific Northwest, alongside trainer Liz Clift and several dedicated facilitators.

Beth Rusk uses her teacher training, her anatomy knowledge as a massage therapist, and her many years of varied styles of yoga experience to guide you along your own yogic path. Show up to her class ready to breath, connect, flow and discover.


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