Download Yoga Nidra with Michal

Have you ever wished you could bottle up the feeling of deep, grounded peace you feel after a really great guided meditation or yoga nidra session to enjoy later? Us, too! We’re still working on figuring the bottle part out, but we’ve got the next best thing – a recorded yoga nidra session with Michal that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

If you’ve been lucky enough to be in one of Michal’s workshops with a Yoga Nidra, or taken her weekly Pranayama and Meditation class, you already know how skilled she is in guiding you inward. We’ve had many students ask over the years about recording her sessions, so we’re super happy to be able to offer this resource. We used to offer it for sale on CD, but as yoga (and technology!) evolves, so do we–and it’s now available digitally. 🙂

Described as, “a transcendental yoga meditation, inspired by the Global Mala movement for peace. Guided, resting visualization for expanding consciousness. Rotating awareness to 108 points to create a garland of the human body and uniting the globe in a moment of peace.”

The download is available through cdbaby. Get it now!


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