Creating and Sustaining A Home Practice

By Dani Colito

Like many of you, I am just starting to settle into the flow of being at home, working at home and now practicing yoga solely at home. At first creating a home practice can be a little intimidating, very much like walking into a yoga studio class for the first time. Creating and feeling comfortable while practicing at home, with the support of online classes can be a positive that comes out of all of this. I want to share some tips for creating and sustaining a home practice. .

Create your space

Have an area that is big enough for your mat and wide enough you have space to open your arms. Clean up your space so you are not distracted, set your phone to do not disturb or the ringer off to eliminate that possible distraction.  Try setting out your mat out the night before so it is ready for you if you’re practicing in the morning. 

Make it special

Ways that you can make your practice special and create a ritual are to light a candle, create an altar with objects that are special and meaningful to you, smudge some sage, set the lighting, pick out a playlist (some of my spotify playlists are linked on the community facebook page for you) or an album that can play for as long as you are wanting to practice. 

Be intentional

Set an intention for your practice. At the beginning of practice be still. Listen to the reasons and feelings that you are showing up with on your mat and allow that to guide your practice. You could also bring prayer, meditation and pranayama into your home practice. 

Listen to your body

Since you do not have a teacher in your space to help keep your body safe, it is really up to you to listen to your body. Give yourself permission to take breaks, modify, add on, go off on your own if that feels right, play and have fun! 


Life is stressful, especially right now. Carve out the time, set the kids up with something to do, make it possible to get out your mat, practice and clear space to relax. Go ahead and spend extra time in savasana or stay a little longer in meditation. Remember this is your time. 

I hope to see you all in a zoom class soon! As much as I love practicing on my own, the connection that I feel during the live online classes really helps with how much I’m missing our beloved studio space and real life connection. 

Dani Colito teaches with a strong focus on alignment and breath, and encourages her students to listen to their own intuition and have fun in her classes. Click here to learn more about Dani and see her teaching schedule.

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