Awaken the Lion: Hip Hop Vinyasa

Saturday May 4,  12:00-3:30pm
The ATL Hip Hop Vinyasa workshop is an all levels experience which braids together dope music, dance, Emotional Intelligence Training (EIT), HIIT, philosophies of yoga and hip-hop, poetry, traditional asana and self expression.
You can expect to hear spoken word poetry from Shuja De’Peace, deeper understanding and appreciation of your emotional body through the lens of EIT and of course sweat. In this workshop you will learn the intersection of Yoga & Hip Hop, how they are much more similar than you might expect and how when placed together they create a radical path of liberation in this yuga (age). You will leave not only feeling stronger, more focused and connected to a deeper sense of belonging but with your own poem/mantra to motivate you to achieve your goals and stay true to fulfilling your dharma/vision.

Shuja De’Peace has a natural gift for igniting the fire in each of his students, which he achieves by supporting them in finding the connection between their Mind, Body and Spirit.


Early bird $50 (before 4/27)

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