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In this two hour extended practice, we will go beyond what we normally cover in a flow class. This more spacious offering allows us to explore deeper levels of pranayama, meditation, time to break down more complex asana, as well as incorporate extended relaxation. Each practice will have a unique theme woven throughout, supported by yogic philosophical teachings and mythology. Join us for this ongoing series on the 3rd Friday of each month as we delve into the intricacies and subtle layers of the yoga practice.

May’s practice will be themed around the Goddess Durga and heart openers, including wheel and king pigeon. Learn more here!

Irena Lambrou offers dynamic, always-changing sequences that create a fun environment that challenges students and brings them deeper into their bodies and out of chitta vrtti, the monkey mind.


Early bird $25 (one week before workshop)

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Yoga for Healthy Neck and Shoulders
Hip opening