Community Responsibility

We learn from yoga the principals of ahimsa (non-violence) and aparigraha (non-greediness). These principals, along with an awareness that to take care of the Earth is to take care of ourselves, leads us to tread on the planet as lightly as possible, and to be responsible community stewards. We support several environmental and social initiatives in our ongoing work to support these goals.

In the studio

Yoga mats

If you walk, ride your bike, or take public transportation to class, your mat rental is free!

All mats available at 3 OMS, both for sale and for rent, are from Manduka, which offers a lifetime guarantee. Fewer mats bought over your lifetime means fewer mats in landfills.

Have old mats laying around? Drop off your gently used mats and we will donate them to community programs in need. Past donations have gone to Womencare Shelter, YMCA, Brigid Collins Center, and others.

Earth-friendly paints, cleaners, and supplies

All cleaning products used are non-toxic and hand soap is organic. We have installed hand dryers in the bathrooms to eliminate the need for paper towels, and we use re-usable towels to clean. A filtered drinking fountain with water bottle filler is in place to re-fill your re-usable water bottle, and live plants are placed throughout to help naturally filter the air. All paint is non-VOC,  and Energy Star light bulbs are in place. We also strive to be paperless, and all receipts for purchases are emailed to save on paper and limit BPA exposure.

The building

In order to contribute to the vibrancy of our downtown core, 3 OMS purchased and renovated the historic space that houses our studio today. Completed in 2016, the work was done by Chuckanut Builders who have a commitment to green building and sustaining local economies. Many of the building’s original features were salvaged, and materials used throughout are made from reclaimed materials.

Karma Yoga

We want opportunities for everyone to be able to experience the power of yoga and the ways it can help to heal and transform us. Taught be teachers under mentorship, we offer community Karma Yoga classes on a donation basis to help remove financial barriers for those who need it. 100% of donations collected for these classes goes to support community yoga initiatives for underserved populations.

In the community

Sustainable Connections

We are active members of Sustainable Connections and our owner, Amy Robinson, sits on the board. Their mission is to transform and model a dynamic local economy built on sustainable practices. As a part of this, we are working toward Zero Waste, and over 90% of our waste is either composted or upcycled/recycled. We also are committed to buying green power for our business.

An offshoot of this partnership is our commitment to supporting other local businesses who share these values through the Think Local First campaign, by shopping and hiring locally whenever possible.

B Kind

We are proud to be a part of Downtown Bellingham’s B Kind Campaign. We join them in representing the values our downtown believes in; safety, inclusion and compassion. We believe that embodying sustainable values means also to love and respect the people around us to create sustainable communities. This means we value diversity and seek to provide a safe and inclusive space that rejects intolerance.

Giving Back

We choose a “cause of the quarter” every 3 months to focus our charitable efforts towards. This can include raising funds through donation-based classes, hosting supply or fund drives, or donating yoga classes. In addition, we also support other local non-profit organizations whose values align with our core values, by donating hundreds of yoga classes each year for fundraising events.