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You may have noticed two new names on the schedule, and another (Beth) who is adding a couple of classes, so we wanted to introduce/reintroduce them! Each brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and depth to their teachings that really complement our team and will enrich your practice. We hope you can join them this summer!

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5 ways yoga prepared me for motherhood

by Dani Goldman

When I began my journey into motherhood almost eight years ago I thought I knew nothing about being a mom–and for the most part that was true. What I later discovered is that yoga had prepared me for motherhood in many ways.  Here are my top 5 ways that yoga truly prepared me for motherhood, and some great reminders and tips for any parents.

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Inclusivity, Appropriation, and Action

by Amy Robinson

We are a Welcoming, Inclusive Community reads 3 Oms Yoga first core value.  I am learning that it isn’t enough just to be warm and friendly.  Our culture is in the midst of a deep, essential conversation about what it means to be truly inclusive.  As a white, middle age, middle class, Irish-Catholic mother, business owner, doula, yoga teacher, woman, and human — I’m not claiming to be an expert on inclusivity.  But I’d like to attempt to share some of my process and what I’m learning.  As a people pleaser with fear about hurting people’s feelings, at times I feel almost paralyzed when it come to speaking about this topic. I’m learning it is important for me to let go of trying to be perfect, to listen to others, and some times have uncomfortable conversations.  As a yoga practitioner, I am called to investigate my Ego (designed to keep us safe and it categorizes everything; sometimes it’s healthy, and sometimes–if unchecked–can be harmful), and my biases.

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Emotions and Yoga

by Michal Retter

We’ve all had the experience of taking a yoga class and coming out of it feeling terrific and alive, peaceful, “connected,” loving, or just plain ole happy for a change. But what about the instances where we find that we feel really sad, challenged, tired or even exhausted?

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Does Valentine’s Day Bring up Mixed Feelings for You?

by Minta Allred

Do you find yourself disliking the hallmark commercialism of this “holiday”? And yet at the same time, liking the idea of celebrating love and relationships? 
Well, I am definitely someone who experiences those contradicting thoughts and feelings around this time of year. So, as a result, I have decided to annually dedicate this month to a deeper understanding of and connection to what it means to love myself. Loving myself has set the foundation of the love I feel for and give out to others. In a world like today, to love yourself is a radical act.

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The Four Desires and your New Year

by Elizabeth Ruff

Oh, tis the season for intentions and resolutions. Yes, here is one more reminder that it is important to live your life with focused energy! I have been studying for the past seven years with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, and a big part of his work that has spoken to me in is teaching comes from the ancient Vedic teachings he calls the Four Desires. Allow me to give you a brief summary in this blog, and if you are so drawn to learn more I encourage you to get his book entitled the Four Desires.Read More

Meet the maternity subs!

With the 3 OMS baby boom underway, we will be welcoming 3 lovely ladies who will be taking on some of their classes while Dani, Minta, and Gentri are on leave. Just a reminder — Dani’s leave started at the end of December, Gentri is planning on teaching through the end of January, and Minta until mid-late February — but of course, this can always change! Be sure to check the online schedule for the most accurate class and teacher listings as we move through the next couple of months.

All three of these new additions have been subbing classes here at 3 OMS regularly and teach at other places around town, so you may know them and have experienced their excellent teaching and caring presence already. But if not, here’s a little bit about each and what you might expect when you attend their classes. We are so grateful for them stepping in to support our community during this exciting time!Read More

Ease holiday travel discomfort with yoga

by Irena Lambrou

Wow! It’s December, the holidays are upon us! And with holidays come travel. Many students ask me about yoga when traveling. I get it: airplane bucket seats that compromise the natural curves of your spine, heavy foods and airplane foods, as well as the stress of the holidays that can most certainly raise our blood pressure–insert yoga, please and thank you!

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Holiday supply drive

We believe that healthy children and families are at the heart of a healthy community. When basic needs are difficult to obtain, this impacts the ability for children to learn and thrive in school. This holiday season, we will be collecting donations of personal care items to support the Family Resource Center located at Shuksan Middle School, and open to all Bellingham families.  The center helps link families with local resources, human services, and access to basic needs in order to support and uplift students and families in times of need.  This initiative is part of the Bellingham School Districts Family Support Services which includes the Family Resource Center, homeless support program, health services, counseling, mental health supports, suicide prevention, social emotional learning, wellness and more.Read More

Chipp’s secret to a breakfast that lasts

by Chipp Allard

When you teach and practice physical movement, you need a breakfast that is going to sustain you for hours, not something that is going to leave you hungry again right away.  Smoothies, juices, shakes, protein bars–you name it, I have tried it. I spent years experimenting with different forms of my morning meal, only to find myself still searching. I didn’t want something too heavy, that would slow me down; and I can’t be hungry, because then I am weak, tired and grumpy- not the right mood to be in while teaching yoga! Read More