Why practice inversions?

By Cat Enright

When I was a girl, I loved hanging from the monkey bars and reclining back over the swings.  I have always loved going upside down.  In a healthy environment, children intuitively take themselves through a wide range of body postures.

Unfortunately, as adults, we stop doing many things that are good for us and we may become afraid to do them.  Inversions might be one of these things.

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Bridging your yoga practice from the work you do at the studio to your everyday life

By Minta Allred

From an individualistic society to an interdependent world

In our world today, I find it more important than ever before to acknowledge the way we view “self-care” and essentially how we treat the practice of yoga. When I first began practicing, for me personally, it fell under the umbrella of “self-improvement.” I knew almost nothing about the philosophies of yoga and so from my point of view I saw it as another opportunity to grow and “better myself” as a person.

It was through extensive study and practice of the vast lineage of yoga, that I learned that yoga was actually not at all about self-improvement. I learned that it was about self-discovery and self-awareness, and most importantly, I learned it is 100% about self-acceptance.Read More

Practicing satya and saying NO to plastic

By Gentri Watson

In March of this year I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful baby girl that lights up my entire universe. Motherhood has offered me more soul gifts than I could have possibly fathomed, and as my heart swells with a love deeper than I knew I was capable of, my mind scrambles to keep up with the millions of ways I want to care for her. This love for her has uncovered in me a passion that is fuller and more vibrant than ever for the world we live in because she is now in it.

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Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life…and I don’t Teach Yoga

By Sondra Matara

“Reach your right hand forward as your left reaches back, drawing your inner thighs up towards your pubic bone.”

It was my voice, but it felt like it was coming from someone else. The words seemed to come from the heavens and flow outwards from my mouth, and as I watched a roomful of yoga students moving in unison doing the movements as described, I realized I was doing it! I was teaching yoga!

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Hiking + Yoga: Take your Trail Adventures to the Next Level

By Trina Stiles

I love to hike, almost as much as I love yoga, and summer in the Pacific Northwest opens up so many exciting places to explore on trail by foot. Each time I get out on a trail, whether solo or with my family and friends, I am thankful for this amazing place that I get to call home and grateful for my body to carry me.

To me, hiking is a moving meditation. It brings me relief from stress, clarity of mind, and inspiration for my spirit, all by taking one foot in front of the other and absorbing the nature around me. Although it is a great cardio exercise, hiking can be physically taxing and sometimes my knees or back complain, especially the next day. That is when I am grateful to have yoga help me out. It prepares my body physically, gives me relief while on the trail and stretches me out after the hike is complete.

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Finding your yoga practice

by Katie Cassidy

I have had the great pleasure of managing the studio for over 5 years, and have been a student here since 2009. It is a joy to witness and hold space for all of the students who pass through our doors each day and to watch their commitment to yoga grow and deepen. Everyday I have the chance to talk with people who are new to yoga and have questions about how to get started. For those of you who are regular students, I’m sure you hear similar things from people in your life and this may provide a few answers for you to share with them. Here are some of the common questions and concerns that I have heard over the years and the answers that I share.

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Say hello!

You may have noticed two new names on the schedule, and another (Beth) who is adding a couple of classes, so we wanted to introduce/reintroduce them! Each brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and depth to their teachings that really complement our team and will enrich your practice. We hope you can join them this summer!

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5 ways yoga prepared me for motherhood

by Dani Goldman

When I began my journey into motherhood almost eight years ago I thought I knew nothing about being a mom–and for the most part that was true. What I later discovered is that yoga had prepared me for motherhood in many ways.  Here are my top 5 ways that yoga truly prepared me for motherhood, and some great reminders and tips for any parents.

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Inclusivity, Appropriation, and Action

by Amy Robinson

We are a Welcoming, Inclusive Community reads 3 Oms Yoga first core value.  I am learning that it isn’t enough just to be warm and friendly.  Our culture is in the midst of a deep, essential conversation about what it means to be truly inclusive.  As a white, middle age, middle class, Irish-Catholic mother, business owner, doula, yoga teacher, woman, and human — I’m not claiming to be an expert on inclusivity.  But I’d like to attempt to share some of my process and what I’m learning.  As a people pleaser with fear about hurting people’s feelings, at times I feel almost paralyzed when it come to speaking about this topic. I’m learning it is important for me to let go of trying to be perfect, to listen to others, and some times have uncomfortable conversations.  As a yoga practitioner, I am called to investigate my Ego (designed to keep us safe and it categorizes everything; sometimes it’s healthy, and sometimes–if unchecked–can be harmful), and my biases.

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Emotions and Yoga

by Michal Retter

We’ve all had the experience of taking a yoga class and coming out of it feeling terrific and alive, peaceful, “connected,” loving, or just plain ole happy for a change. But what about the instances where we find that we feel really sad, challenged, tired or even exhausted?

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