About 3 OMS YOGA

At 3 OMS Yoga we are dedicated to your physical well-being, mindfulness, connection, and personal growth through the practice of yoga.

Classes are open to anyone of all levels of experience, and you can begin at any time. Completely new to yoga? We’ve got you! We offer a Beginner’s Series and have several classes great for those newer to the practice.

We offer a variety of approaches to yoga from multiple lineages, taught by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. You will be welcomed warmly and made to feel at home in our studio. We are guided by core values that drive our mission and purpose, and creates the vibrant community here at 3 OMS.

What is OM?

OM is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning or end of yoga practices. It has its roots in many spiritual traditions, and can have many different meanings. We connect the sound of OM with the vibrational quality of the universe, and by doing so acknowledge our connection to all living beings and the natural world. The physical act of chanting this mantra before or after yoga practice helps to calm and focus the mind, and to symbolically separate the time you dedicate to your practice from the rest of your day. Whether you participate or prefer to listen to the vibrational sound, it is a way to honor the community that has come together in that time and place.

Amenities and facility

Our beautiful 6,000 square foot space was designed with the comfort of our students in mind.

  • Two spacious light-filled studios where classes and workshops are held
  • A community lounge area to relax before or after your class
  • Lockers and cubbies to secure your belongings (bring your own lock if you’d like)
  • Mat and mat towel rental service available ($1 each)
  • Changing rooms
  • Two showers with non-toxic soap provided (bring your own bath towel)
  • Water bottle refill station
  • A retail area with a variety of yoga mats, props, and apparel available for sale