Private Yoga

  $70 - 1hr | $100 - 1.5hr

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When you feel the desire to look inward on yourself by utilizing yoga, a private session can help you discover ways to heal you body and mind together.  These include restorative and dynamic yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, and more.  Individual lessons provide a safe environment and the specific attention needed when recovering from illness or trauma.  They are also a gentle way to begin your yogic journey if joining a class feels vulnerable.  One on One sessions for individual needs and progress, which include  personalized custom sequences and practices.  Whether for understanding the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended) or developing confidence to practice in group settings or tailoring your already existing practice to benefit a sport or profession outside of the studio, or learning to modify a practice while healing from injury, a private session truly allows you to own your yoga. It is an option there for you to support, empower, manage and improve physical, emotional, mental health issues like insomnia or low back pain or anxiety.  Couples/Partners Private session for two individuals, family members or friends.  Enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga together.