Eco Groovy Practices

Yoga + Earth = Union

Yoga helps us recognize that we are made from the planet; we are sea-water and earth.  To take care of our planet is to take care of our selves. Yoga practice creates a body-mind relationship which can bring energy and effectiveness to the way we address the ecological issues threatening our global life-support systems. Thank you for joining us in our ongoing practice of mindfulness, awareness and Ahimsa (non-harming). 3 OMS YOGA participates in these earth-friendly practices.

Member, Green Yoga Association

"Spiritual activism for the planet."  Learn more at

Member, Sustainable Connection (Bellingham, WA)

"We envision a thriving, collaborative community where local businesses are prosperous, and contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all citizens."

Toward Zero Waste (Bellingham, WA)

We use recycled and compostible paper products and composte over 75% of all our waste. We join over 300 other locally owned, independent businesses and together we are moving this community Toward Zero Waste! Will your business to join us?

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Green Power (Bellingham, WA)

We have committed to buying Green Power for our business.

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Get Free Mat Rentals!

Whenever you walk, bike or take public transportation to 3 OMS YOGA.

Eco-Friendly Mats For Sale & Rent

We have deliberately chosen these mats for for use at 3 OMS YOGA: Manduka: Lifetime guarantee, you will never need to buy another yoga mat, so less mats cluttering the Earth!

Recycle/Upcycle Your Mat

Bring your old mat to 3 OMS YOGA. We will donate them to non-profits who are now offering free or discounted yoga to people in need. We have donated to: Womencare Shelter, YWCA, Brigid Collins Center and others.

Earth-Friendly Paints, Cleaners & Supplies

To further care for You and the Earth we use:

  • Paper towels made of sugar cane by-product and recycled paper towels
  • No-VOC paint
  • Energy Star light bulbs
  • Green cleaning products
  • Organic hand soap
  • Filtered water dispenser instead of bottled water
  • Cork blocks for use and natural rubber mats for sale
  • Live plants to filter the air and beautify the environment
  • Donate to Conservation Northwest, a local non-profit and our neighbor
  • Shop and print locally when ever possible (ADI, Griggs, Coop, Hardware Sales)
  • Class schedule online to minimize printing on paper

“I'm so thankful to have found such a loving space to be a part of at your studio, and really appreciate the warm atmosphere created by the wonderful teachers there. Thank you again!” — Racheal N.