At 3 OMS YOGA we are dedicated to your physical well-being, mindfulness, inner peace, connection and personal growth through the practice of Yoga.

Classes at 3 OMS YOGA are open to anyone of all levels of experince, you can begin any time. You will discover in yourself the highest level of energy, vitality, health and freedom! Disocver how amazing you can feel in your body, how calm you can feel in your mind, how inspired you can be in your spirit!!

You will experience a variety of approaches to yoga from our amazing, highly skilled and inspired instructors. You will be welcomed warmly and made to feel right at home in our studio. So let go of whatever has prevented you from trying yoga or from FULLY dedicating yourself to well-being. You are ready NOW!


We are committed to YOU:

  •    We share with you the knowledge that comes from the various lineages of yoga and making it clear, accessible and meaningful in your life;

  •  Our excellent teachers who are formally certified, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in your needs and well-being;

  •  Classes and workshops which provide experiences of learning, nurturing, challenge, playfulness and exploration;

  •  A positive, non-competitive approach to yoga that honors your unique set of needs, life experiences and physical variations;

  •  An inviting, healthy space that welcomes diversity and encourages community;

  •  Mindful, balanced, and healthful living on and off of the yoga mat;

  •  Support local businesses and services whenever possible to help support Bellingham’s sustainable local economy.

We look forward to being a part of your yoga journey!  

 OM... OM... OM...

“I'm so thankful to have found such a loving space to be a part of at your studio, and really appreciate the warm atmosphere created by the wonderful teachers there. Thank you again!” — Racheal N.

$20 Unlimited Yoga

First time to 3 OMS YOGA? 1 week (8 days, actually!) unlimited yoga classes = $20.00

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