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Welcome to 3 OMS YOGA! Over 35 classes, 7 days a week...                       Beginners * Bhakti Flow * Gentle Flow * Intuitive Flow * Iyengar * Mom & Baby * Power Yoga * Prenatal * Restorative* Yin
From your first class, be ready to feel happier and healthier. You will leave with a sense of balance, integration, and freedom that improves the quality of your life. We look forward to seeing you!

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Come and practice in the new, big, beautiful, bright space.  Check the schedule for class times.  Give yourself extra time for parking (on the street or in the parkade) or ride your bike and enjoy one of our 5 bike racks installed by the city. 


“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.” — Frederick Nietzsche

Inversion Workshop Inversion Workshop

with Irena Lambrou
Sunday, February 26th

Inversions are highly beneficial for the lymphatic system as well as a way to rejuvenate the circulatory system and re-route stagnant blood back through the heart and into the brain! In this workshop we will explore: Headstand variations, Sirsasana Forearm Balance, Pinchamayurasana Shoulder Stand, Sarvangasana **Contraindications and Cautions—Back/neck injury, High/Low Blood Pressure, Pregnancy. Please ask if you have any questions.

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40 Days to Freedom 40 Days to Freedom

with Elizabeth Ruff
March 5th - April 14th
Sunday Meetings 4:00-5:15pm

A breakthrough program designed to detoxify, cleanse and strengthen your body, and awaken the sacred within you. A daily combination of asana practice, meditation, diet, and personal reflection will cultivate a solid foundation from which students can live and grow. Regardless of your level of experience, this program will reveal mental clarity, lightness of body, and an illumination of spirit. You will discover how working from principle and focus allows you to grow naturally!

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Embody Love Workshop Embody Love Workshop

with Minta Allred
Friday, March 3rd

The ancient holistic teachings of yoga combined with modern and relevant curriculum developed by clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, Dr. Melody Moore, the Embody Love Movement, offers powerful workshops for girls and women worldwide.

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